New office hours, leaders, and counselors!

1 01 2013

We haven’t updated this in awhile, so here are some important developments!

1. Office hours: We have reinstated individual peer counselor office hours, but instead of holding them in the elusive peer counseling room, we now hold them in our dorm rooms. You are welcome to talk to a peer counselor who lives in your dorm or another dorm, and can talk to them in their room or anywhere else you both agree to. Our dorms are listed on the Parrish Board and our office hours are listed on the doors of our rooms. Our office hours will soon be listed on this website as well as on the Parrish Board. In addition to dropping by office hours, you can still make an appointment by e-mailing any peer counselor or arranging a meeting in person.

2. Leaders: We have two new leaders: Rachel Fresques ’14 and Mia Ferguson ’15! They’ve worked very hard as members and we can’t wait to have them lead the group.

3. New counselors: Stay tuned for an updated poster with the current peer counselors and their dorms!

New website and features!

14 07 2011

The website has been heavily updated with new features that S2S will be inaugurating this fall semester! We are very excited to present our new team of counselors, the S2S 24-hour helpline as well as the S2S chatroom! We’re also open to receive your feedback! We will also keep our events page updated this semester, where you can check out events and study breaks S2S is organizing.