Saturday, January 30

Junk Science, Tone Tank and Scott Thorough

Junk Science is Baje One and DJ Snafu. The clever, funky junky sound that characterizes their music starts with Snafu’s seamlessly collaged beats and continues with Baje One’s focused rambling. They are currently working on releasing their third album, A Miraculous Kind of Machine.

Tone Tank is the the man behind Scumlife, one half of Brooklyn rap duo Iller Than Theirs, as well as a part of rap collective Nuclear Family. Tone has put out two solo EPs this past year in addition to his works with Iller Than Theirs. His songs are made up of a gritty vocal style over old school hardcore, punk-rock breaks and samples from Doc Strange, Scott Thorough and J.Howells Werthman.

Scott Thorough of Nuclear Family.