Friday, October 30

Mount Eerie, Tara Jane O’Neil and No Kids

Mount Eerie is a band from Anacortes, Washington fronted by Phil Elvrum. Formerly known as The Microphones, Phil renamed his project Mount Eerie after returning from a trip to Norway, where he lived alone in a remote cabin for a winter. Regardless of the moniker, Phil’s music is marked by a self-recorded lo-fi analog sound that mixes a whispered, gentle voice with loud bellows, sparse guitar with booming layers of noise. Thematically, the music focuses on nature, the everyday as sacred, storytelling, love, loss, and a sense of place.

Tara Jane O’Neil (K Records) is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer and visual artist from Portland, Oregon. Her music is quiet but expansive, melding simple, folk-inspired melodies with experimental noise. She has collaborated with Mirah and Jackie-O Motherfucker.

Canadian lo-fi indie pop trio No Kids (Tomlab) is the side project of Julia Chirka, Justin Kellam and Nick Krgovich of the Vancouver group P:ano. They have previously toured with Dirty Projectors and Parenthetical Girls.