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April 4


Tweens only formed in 2012, but has already made a name for themselves among fans—including The Breeders, who invited the band to open for them on a recent U.S. tour. The story goes that Kim Deal booked the band for one gig on the recommendation of Jim Blaze, owner of Cincinnati record shop Shake It Records, and was so impressed she brought on band to play select East Coast gigs and a full West Coast tour. Additionally, the band toured with the Black Lips, their partners in a party-centric attitude.

Despite the established friends, Tweens are very much their own band, bratty and precocious, sincere and genuine. The band’s name conjuresjust the right image: screaming hordes afflicted with Beatlemania, teenyboppers out for a good time, the underage, over-the-top punks in Ladies and Gentlemen: The Fabulous Stains. Think of cheery kids at their most excited, but juxtaposed with lyrics about bad boyfriends and unrelenting independency. Tweens are not a riot grrrl revisionist band, but they are a ferociously honest one.



Real life non-internet band.


Tunde Olaniran

“TundeOlaniran possesses a unique mix of cultural bite, androgynous aesthetic, and a wildly impressive musical faculty. The Flint, MI-based solo artist?s magnetic presence as a performer as well as songwriter has garnered him numerous accolades, leading to the recent partnership with Quite Scientific Records (Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Shout Out OutOut Out) The label is set to release of some of his most in-depth and provocative work yet, including his Yung Archetype EP out February 25. Look for additional details on the Yung Archetype EP shortly.” -Afropunk


Sally Cyborg

Judith, Zach, Pat and Thompson are in a band.