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March 22

La Femme

“From La Femme’s fluid line-up and travels comes Psycho Tropical Berlin; a mille-feuille of psychedelia, rockabilly, electro, and punk infused surf. Inspired by a love of vintage sounds made by Gene Vincent, The Velvet Underground and Kraftwerk what has emerged is a grim-meets-glam genre of its own; like a new-wave rave filtered through The Ventures’ back catalogue. “It’s a melting pot of strange, hypnotic and mental moods (Psycho), sunny, positive vibes and beachy surf (Tropical); and cold, binary electro (Berlin),” explains Marlon. “We like to use the name of a town as an adjective or concept; such as Berlin for a cold mood, or London for a weird mood, or L.A. or Frisco for a peaceful mood.”
Written within the depths of a Parisian basement and surrounded by sheep and trees at a house in Biarritz, those contrasts are clear. Whilst the song Sur La Planche (EN: On the Board) hurls down gigantic waves of surf guitar with ease and style, and Hypsoline is a monster mash up of trembling synths and deadpan vocals – like an Addams Family luau floor-filler.”

“At times synthetic, always hypnotic, and turning on a centime from aggressively dark to flippantly light-hearted, La Femme has one goal: “To touch people, to be touched by people and generally protest against worldwide assholes.”
Catch the wave and listen.” ” – SXSX artist profile



“Upon listening to Girls Like Us, this wish is set out in bold type. What PINS do so well is to take disparate strands of rock and roll, punk, post punk and grunge, twist them viciously together into a multi-coloured and roughly hewn tassel, then dance around to their own particular beat. So much of the tension within the record is built around their ability to assemble their songs around a skeletal and ghostly framework of jarring, paranoid bass leaps and skittering drums, upon which they add and remove their trademark sounds: furious interludes of guitar, multi-layered gang-harmony vocals and above all, the disjointed, insistent voice of Faith Holgate; drawling a narrative that truly defines the sound of the record.” (Drowned In Sound)