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09 Nov

Marissa Nadler

“To press play on any of Marissa Nadler‘s six albums is to enter a peaceful but painful dream. Since 2004, whether over the barebones creak of the early The Saga of Mayflower May or the synthetically textured Little Hells, Nadler’s records of wispy melancholy have opened outwardly like arms, inviting the listener to stay for a permanent spell. Invariably hypnotic, Nadler’s music has often felt like its own self-sustaining atmosphere– ready and able to be inhabited, suited for the repeat button, surreal in its dream-like propensity to remove the listener from the rest of the world.”


“For New York City singer-songwriter Matthew Siskin, who performs as Gambles, simplicity is everything. One slowly strummed, down-tuned guitar. One resonant, room-filling voice. One lucid, penetrating line after another. And one echo-equipped microphone to pick it all up. Somehow, these bare-bones characteristics combine to make Trust, Gambles’ debut full-length, teem with possibilities. Where other troubadours traffic in shrouded metaphors and lyrical smoke and mirrors, Siskin maintains an aim that’s devastatingly straight and true. A miscarriage is plainly related on “So I Cry Out,” while failed love punctuates standout tracks like “New York” and “You Are Truth.” Album bookends “Angel” and “Animal” shed some light toward Gambles’ potentially optimistic future.”

-Orlando Weekly