I come from a unique engineering background as a Swarthmore engineer. Swarthmore prides itself on producing the “liberal arts engineer” – an engineer with the communication skills, breadth of knowledge and intellectual flexibility of a Swarthmore student, but with the necessary technical background and adaptability to excel in any engineering environment. This was one of the primary reasons that I chose to study at Swarthmore, and it’s a decision that I’ve benefitted from tremendously; while at Swarthmore, I gained a solid background in the fundamentals of electrical, mechanical, computer and civil engineering, while still having the opportunity to pursue my other interests both within and outside engineering.

My primary areas of interest within engineering fall broadly within mechanical design and manufacturing. They include precision machine design, especially of systems targeted at maker or educational markets; development engineering & design for the developing world; robotics design (particularly of manipulators); metrology; and advanced manufacturing. I have been lucky enough to have opportunities to explore all of these fields, through my work in both academia and industry.

My engineering work can be loosely grouped into the following areas:

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