Cast Coasters

After seeing Hilla Shamia’s awesome aluminum and reclaimed-wood benches, I had the idea to try my hand at combining metal and reclaimed wood in a project of my own: coasters, as a Christmas present for my girlfriend. I worked with a local foundry artist to cast tin into the knot-holes of some boards that I’d gathered as part of my earlier pallet coffee table project, which worked beautifully. Unfortunately, though, time was tight, and by the time Christmas came around, they were in this condition:

Thankfully, my girlfriend is awesome, and was completely understanding even though I only had one partially-finished coaster to present her on Christmas day.

Fast-forward six months, to this summer, when I finally get around to finishing the coasters! I tried to maintain the natural texture of the wood and the casting as much as possible with all of the coasters: I turned depressions into the faces of the coasters on my lathe, and lightly sanded the edges, but otherwise did not try to square/flatten the coasters. I then gave them a heavy coating of teak oil, which brings out the colors of pallet woods beautifully. I’m pretty happy how they turned out.




2 thoughts on “Cast Coasters

  1. How does the half metal and half wood one not separate? I see the bslases are covered in metal but shouldnt it come apart on that one?

    • Hi Kristen – I prevent the wood and metal from separating by 1) grooving the bottom of the wood, and 2) putting small screws/other protrusions into the bottom of the wood so the metal can wrap around it.

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