Steel Strap Window Box

Steel Strap Window Box


When I was much younger, my uncle gave me an article from a woodworking magazine about the meaning of craftsmanship. It talked a lot about the idea of heirloom construction – building things that were beautiful, simple, functional, and most of all durable enough to last through generations. I think this is an important design principle for today’s engineers and designers, and I’ve tried to make a part of my design process.

I built this windowbox in 2011 as a present for my girlfriend, who loves to garden but doesn’t have any space in or around her apartment. The box is made of unfinished cedar; the straps are hot-rolled steel. I would have preferred to use wrought iron, but unfortunately, I don’t have access to a forge. Instead, I carved the steel straps with an angle grinder, and gave it a number of coats of outdoor-grade spraypaint. I’m definitely worried about the straps corroding, although they’ve made it through the winter without sustaining serious damage. Hopefully, they’ll continue to remain sealed.

Design Drawings

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