DCP featured in Science Robotics

I’m very proud to announce that my major project at MIT – my work with the Digital Construction Platform – has been showcased in the April issue of Science Robotics. My team couldn’t be more proud to have our work presented in such a high-visibility venue: it’s exciting not just for us, but for how this can help spur further conversation around automated construction.

Our paper is available through Science Robotics, here. You can also read more about the Digital Construction Platform here, and see more images of the dome here. There’s also been a fair amount of popular coverage of our work, which has been really wild to see. Among the better articles covering are work have been:

What this project represents in terms of technical achievement – and as a vision for the future of construction – is something I’m quite proud of. We have assembled a highly specialized, unique robotic system, and used it to validate our spray polyurethane foam printing process at architectural scale. We’ve constructed one of the largest monolithically fabricated 3D printed structures ever built. Our work makes strong arguments about the appropriateness of different kinematic architectures for automated construction tasks, and even more importantly, about how rethinking the way we build through the use of materials like spray foam can dramatically improve the viability of automated construction.

Finally, we’ve had the opportunity to tell a story to the public about how systems like the DCP will change the way we think about construction. I am confident that within the next twenty years, systems like the DCP will be common sites on construction sites throughout the developed world, with more finding applications at natural disaster sites; in Earth’s most inhospitable regions; and even someday on other planets. I am honored to have made some small contribution toward that goal – and I’m excited to see how we get there.

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