New projects and new tools

I haven’t posted in a while (actually, a LONG while), and wanted to give a quick update on some fun stuff I’ve been working on:

First of all, tools. Over the past 6 months, I’ve picked up 3 new, awesome tools:
- A Columbian machinist’s vise:

- A Rockwell-Delta 14″ wood/metal bandsaw, probably circa 1970:


- And last but (definitely) not least, a 900-series Walker-Turner bench drill press:


I also (finally) wrapped up my Christmas present from last year to my girlfriend, which was a good thing to get done. The project was inspired by these benches, but on a slightly more manageable scale. I worked with an artist from a local foundry to cast tin into the knot holes in pieces of hardwood I pulled out of pallets. I then turned detents into the coaster faces, and sanded the edges, trying to keep the natural cast texture wherever possible. I think they turned out pretty well in the end!