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I’ve headed back to DC for the weekend, primarily to get access to some standards at the Library of Congress, but also to wrap up machining on my machine’s frame. I finally got a chance to put my lathe through its paces, making spacers for the side members of the frame (setup below). For a lathe that’s pushing 80 years old, it’s in impressively good shape – the parts are all within .01″ of each other, despite my seriously rough setup and frequent carriage movements.

I’d also like to take a minute to plug for the Library of Congress. They saved me literally hundreds of dollars that I would have had to spend on standards I would use once, and are generally awesome. Way to go, LOC.


Drilling away…

I continued work on the frame of my milling machine today. So far, I’ve gotten all frame struts (excepting the top triangle – long story) completed, as well as all the angled plates. In addition to those three struts for the top triangle, I’ve also still got all the flat joint plates to fabricate – I’ve left this for last, since it doesn’t require a milling machine.

In other news, about to purchase some bearing systems (woo spending tons of money!) Stay tuned…


E90 Update: Frame Construction Begins

Finally finished the frame design for my E90! I began construction today, and got almost all of the frame members cut and squared. I was initially planning to cut the members and then square them in the mill, but after some thought realized that this would ultimately require a bunch of setups. Instead, I’ve decided to cut the members roughly to length and square them using a belt sander and a decent square. Once they’re reasonably close to their specified dimension (within 1/32″ or so), I’m going to measure them to .01 with a machinist’s scale, and then place the holes relative to those dimensions.

I’ll post PDFs of the design drawings once I’ve refined them a little more – they’ve got some odd features which I’m not quite sure how to represent, so I need to get access to my drawing standards before they’re ready for release.

Cut Frame Members